There is nothing about adoption that is” giving up.” You are not “giving up your
baby,” “putting up your baby” or “adopting out your baby.” You are making a loving plan for your child.

At A Baby Step Adoption, we believe every woman facing unplanned pregnancy has the right to understand her options and deserves the very best care and support. We believe every child deserves a forever family.

The services for adoptive families and pregnant women are unparalleled at A Baby Step Adoption Agency, a local adoption agency in PA.

For thirty years, our mission has been to build forever families through adoption. Our goal is to create families in the shortest possible time and with the most support for birth mothers and adoptive parent(s). We have the most diverse clientele serving traditional families, whether married or not, same sex, single parents, LGBTQ, and relative adoptions.

We offer all of our birth mothers personal caseworkers to provide emotional support and plan the budget and services you need to improve your future. You are not ‘giving up your baby’ or ‘putting up your baby’. You are making an adoption plan. We are available 24/7 for open or closed adoptions with pre-approved families of your choice. Although we are a local adoption agency in PA, we work with women from all over the country.

A Baby Step Adoption Agency has incredibly supportive caseworkers who work closely with each family throughout their adoption to be sure they have all the support they need. We share a passion for helping people create their forever families by guiding them through the adoption process and helping birthmothers and birthfathers make the right choice for themselves and their babies and children.


Barbara B. Casey, Director of A Baby Step Adoption Agency, Adoption Associates, LLC. a licensed Adoption Agency, and Adoption Step, a licensed non-profit, is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School and has limited her practice to adoption. She is a Fellow of the Pennsylvania Academy of Adoption Attorneys, the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, the local and state bar associations and Resolve. Barbara has over 30 years of experience as an adoption lawyer working in adoption law, surrogacy and family formation.

On September 16, 2008, Barbara B. Casey traveled to the White House to receive the 2008 “Angel in Adoption” award from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. She was recognized by Senator Arlen Specter and Congressman Gerlach for her years of dedicated work in adoption. Learn more about Barbara Binder Casey and her professional background on LinkedIn.

Barbara B Casey

Director of A Baby Step Adoption Agency

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    I was pregnant in high school, broke up with my boyfriend and I didn't know where to turn. Barbara Casey and my caseworker helped me understand the whole adoption process and I finally began to relax when I located the perfect family for my child. We have an open adoption which has given me peace of mind.

    • Birthmother R
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    A Baby Step Adoption is amazing. They found me a babysitter for my children when I had my emergency c-section last month. They helped me find a safe apartment. I am so grateful and I would never work with any other agency.

    • Birthmother C
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    Twenty-two years ago I placed my baby for adoption with your agency. Linda and Barbara have been wonderful. They recently helped me locate my son and now we are texting every day.

    • Birthmother S