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Adopt Connect – Post Adoption Contact

Instead of sending pictures and letters through the mail, a third-party agency or attorney, or an unsecured or unreliable social media site, AdoptConnect empowers Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents to exchange information quickly, directly and confidentially. AdoptConnect creates a secure electronic history of your post-placement communications and ensures that no updates are missed, accidentally deleted or “lost in the mail.”

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Your caseworker will work closely to help with the emotional changes during pregnancy. Our baby adoption specialists know pregnancy is a very big change in any woman’s life, especially when it is unplanned. This pregnancy guide is for women to use as a guide of what physical changes to expect throughout the nine months of pregnancy.

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We are happy to provide you with a list of waiting families looking to adopt a newborn baby. Here, you can learn more about some of our waiting families through photos and profile  information.

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You have placed your baby for adoption, now what? There are resources available to you, and your caring caseworker can help you navigate the post adoption emotions and help you plan for your future. Your caseworker is trained to help you sort through your feelings and can help you find comfort in knowing your decision can be a positive one for all involved.


It is completely up to the expectant mother to decide how much contact she wants with the adoptive family and the child. At A Baby Step Adoption, we will explain your options to you, and we will find the family that works for you and your needs. The level of openness is entirely up to you. Whether you choose a closed, open or semi open adoption, all adoptions are completely confidential. It’s Your Baby… Your Choice.

In years past, closed adoptions were more common but today, many birthmothers are not choosing this option when they place their newborn for adoption. A closed adoption is when the birth mother and adoptive family have very limited contact. The adoptive family still receives medical records in closed adoptions, but personal information is removed.

A semi-open adoption is between a closed and open adoption and refers to the kind of adoption where there is not as much contact between the birth mother and the adoptive family. Sometimes, personal information is not shared and contact is limited. These kinds of adoptions really depend on the preference of the birth mother, but oftentimes, information is shared through a private website, Facebook or Instagram account so you are able to see photos and updates of your child in a private setting. Sometimes, photos are shared through the agency so that you do not have direct contact with the adoptive family. In semi-open adoptions there is typically not extensive visitation between the birth mother and adoptive family.

An open adoption conveys contact between the birth mother and the adoptive family as well as shared personal information. There are various level of openness in an open adoption. An open adoption may include contact before the birth while the expectant mother is pregnant and after once the baby is born like phone calls, emails and face to face visits. Ultimately, the birth mother chooses what level of communication she wants, and we work to find a family that shares the same ideals.

Today in some states including Pennsylvania, there are post adoption contact agreements that are legally enforceable by the Court. These documents spell out in great detail the arrangements that allow contact between the adoptive family and the birthparents after the child’s adoption has been finalized. PACA is an option to you as the birthmother, but informal adoption agreements are also yours to consider. It’s your baby. It’s your choice.

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    I was pregnant in high school, broke up with my boyfriend and I didn't know where to turn. Barbara Casey and my caseworker helped me understand the whole adoption process and I finally began to relax when I located the perfect family for my child. We have an open adoption which has given me peace of mind.

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    A Baby Step Adoption is amazing. They found me a babysitter for my children when I had my emergency c-section last month. They helped me find a safe apartment. I am so grateful and I would never work with any other agency.

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    Twenty-two years ago I placed my baby for adoption with your agency. Linda and Barbara have been wonderful. They recently helped me locate my son and now we are texting every day.

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