• OCTOBER 27, 2023

Adoption Financial Assistance for Birth Mothers in PA

Many expectant mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy wonder about the cost of adoption in PA. Here’s the facts: As an expectant mother, you do not need to pay anything to put your baby up for adoption. Adopting families and adoption agencies cover the costs of adoption, not the birth mother. Additionally, there are many ways adoption agencies can help you get the financial support you need to get through the pregnancy. Here we’ll cover how to make the most of the help available to you as an expectant birth mother Pennsylvania.

Do you get paid for adoption?

Birth mothers do not get paid for adoption. But, adoption agencies do whatever they can to make sure you have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Your health and the baby’s health are the top priority when you choose adoption. With adoption you know that everyone, including your adoption professional and the adoptive family, is on your team. Everyone is rooting for you through the adoption process.

Financial assistance for birth mothers in Pennsylvania

If you’re considering putting your baby up for adoption, an adoption agency can help cover the costs of pregnancy with financial assistance. Agencies are here to support you through the entire adoption process, whether you need someone to talk to or help covering pregnancy expenses. Many agencies help with pregnancy costs, like medical bills or living expenses. Even if an adoption agency doesn’t provide direct financial support, they can connect you with a wide network of other pregnancy and adoption professionals who may be able to help. 

Adoption financial assistance for birth mothers can vary in Pennsylvania. The amount of financial costs agencies can cover is up to a judge’s decision. That means that while one judge in Pittsburgh may decide to limit help, another in Philadelphia may have another opinion. If you want to get the most financial help, it’s best to talk with many agencies and pick the one that fits your needs.

Help with birth mother medical bills

To be a licensed adoption agency in Pennsylvania the agency must explain health insurance options to birth mothers. That includes helping a birth mother get on Medicaid, which most expectant mothers qualify for. It will help you cover the costs of medical care during the pregnancy and up to a year after birth so you get the care you need.

If you choose to work with ABSA, we’ll do the hard work for you. Our case workers will help you register for Medicaid if you need it. In Pennsylvania, Medicaid covers all pregnant mothers based on income levels. So, if you’re single and your income in 2023 is below $2,613 monthly ($31,347 annually), you qualify for Medicaid. We’ll help you register and find the right doctors to get the care you need. Whether you’re on Medicaid or have other health insurance, we’ll help you make the most of your coverage by finding doctors and hospitals in your network. 

If you don’t have health insurance, you can still schedule your doctor’s appointments. Once you’re registered for Medicaid, the coverage can apply to previous pregnancy care. You won’t get a big bill just because you weren’t on Medicaid yet. Caring for yourself and your baby is the top priority.

Help with birth mother pregnancy costs

A healthy pregnancy is the most important part of a successful adoption. An adoption agency will help you have a safe pregnancy and a successful transition with an adoptive family. Because of that, adoption financial assistance isn’t limited to pregnancy medical expenses. Some agencies can help you pay for living expenses like rent, transportation, and more. If adoption financial assistance is important to you, make sure to ask about it with the agencies you’re talking to. It makes finding the right adoption agency easier.

They can also help you find government assistance or other resources to cover pregnancy related expenses. Pennsylvania has an assistance program for pregnant women, and an agency can help you apply if you qualify.

Help with birth mother expenses

If you’ve already given birth and you’re considering putting your baby up for adoption, you can still get financial assistance. In Pennsylvania, birth mothers who are caring for their child while waiting for an adoptive family can get their expenses covered by an adoption agency. Even if your baby is already here, an agency can still be a great help with the adoption process.

Financial assistance from ABSA

Our goal at ABSA is to provide as much support as possible. We help pay living expenses, like transportation costs, or help you find in-network doctors so you get the most coverage.

We even help after your baby is here and we’ll give you the support you need to take the next step in your life after adoption. We’ll connect you with counselors in your healthcare network or help you find a new apartment. Our door is always open for a birth mother.

If you’re pregnant and considering adoption, financial support from an agency can be a big help. Depending on the agency you choose, you could get help with living expenses, medical expenses, and adoption expenses. Just remember, you can’t get paid for adoption and you should steer clear of any agency that says you can. Instead, a good agency will make sure to support you in any way you need to have a healthy pregnancy and successful adoption. 

That’s why ABSA helps with living expenses and other non-medical expenses. We’re here to help birth mothers have successful adoptions and prepare for the next step in life. To learn more about our financial assistance for birth mothers, get in touch with over text or call at 610-906-8877.