• SEPTEMBER 11, 2020
  • BY Amanda Barton

Birthmother Blogs: Women who have been Through the Adoption Process Share their Stories of Adoption 

Birthmother Blogs: Women who have been through the adoption process share their stories of adoption 

It’s always helpful to know there have been other women in your shoes, facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption. We wanted to round up some birthmother blogs from across the web as a resource to you. We hope these blogs uplift you and give you hope that adoption can be a beautiful gift.

If you are a birthmother who has worked with A Baby Step Adoption and is interested in sharing your story, please contact us.

Adoption In the City

A city girl shares her adoption experience with a same sex couple.

Alice Tells All

The journey of a brave birthmother.

Birthmother–the blog, the book, my life

A birthmother and author addresses her adoption choice and how she has grown.

Birthmother; Reprise

A birthmother shares her story of open adoption.

Mommyhood Land

This stay at home mom placed her baby for adoption and feels it was a great gift.

My Adoption Destination

This birthmother shares her thoughts and feelings about adoption and life, in general.

Birthmother’s Choice

Another great resource for connecting with other birthmothers.

Remember you are not “giving up your baby” or putting your baby up.” You are making a selfless choice out of love for your child. Contact us to discuss your options. We will never force you into choosing adoption. Call us at 888-505-2367 or text us at 610-613-1911 or email info@ababystepadoption.com .