• JUNE 16, 2020
  • BY Amanda Barton

If I am Pregnant and Considering Adoption, can I work with A Baby Step Adoption without living in Pennsylvania?

If I am pregnant and considering adoption, can I work with A Baby Step Adoption without living in Pennsylvania?


A Baby Step Adoption works with women facing unplanned pregnancy from all over the United States. In fact, most of our birthmothers are not from Pennsylvania. We work with women from everywhere from Arkansas to New Jersey, North and South Carolina to Nevada and Arizona.

We connect with you over the phone or via text, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime – whatever works best for you. Of course, if you are in Pennsylvania or a neighboring state, we would love to meet you in person. Meeting you in person to discuss if placing your baby for adoption is the right choice for you helps form the genuine bond between you and your caseworker. We are flexible though and we will do whatever makes you most comfortable

We have worked with thousands of birthmothers over the past thirty years, and we have helped women like you place their babies for adoption. We know not every woman is the same, and we will work with you and your preferences to help you navigate the adoption process.

We have a plethora of amazing families from single parents to married couples, and we always support our LGBTQ families who want to welcome a baby into their hearts and homes.

To learn more about adoption contact us anytime. Call or text us at 610-613-1611 or email emma@ababystepadoption.com or Facebook message: https://www.facebook.com/ababystepadoption/.