Adopt Connect – Post Adoption Contact


Instead of sending pictures and letters through the mail, a third-party agency or attorney, or an unsecured or unreliable social media site, AdoptConnect empowers Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents to exchange information quickly, directly and confidentially. AdoptConnect creates a secure electronic history of your post-placement communications and ensures that no updates are missed, accidentally deleted or “lost in the mail.”

In a world where post-adoption contact is increasingly regarded as standard and best practice in adoption, AdoptConnect is the premier method of creating and maintaining safe, confidential, and consistent contact between Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents.

As an ABSA client, you will have free access to Adopt Connect program.

Adopt Match

Adopt Match is a mobile application that connects expectant mothers who are pursuing an adoption plan with waiting adoptive families through their adoption professionals.

The AdoptMatch app was designed by adoption attorneys and birth moms, to empower each expectant mother as she navigates the adoption process and to help her find the right family for her child. All Adoptive Parents must be working with an AdoptMatch-Approved Professional, screened by AdoptMatch, to ensure that they are practicing the highest standards of ethics in adoption. All initial communication is between an Expectant Mother and the Adoptive Family’s Adoption Professional, not directly with one another.

The AdoptMatch Mission is to ensure that every private domestic adoption is handled with the highest ethics and deep compassion. AdoptMatch is not just a connection point for adoptive parents and expectant parents; it is a community of adoption professionals, adoptive parents and birth parents who believe that adoption should not be treated as an industry, but as a loving, yet highly complex solution designed to meet the unique needs of a mother and her child.

As an ABSA client, the first month of Adopt Match is free, and we will verify you are working with a legitimate agency and attorney to have access to the program.

American Academy of Adoption Attorneys

The American Academy of Adoption Attorneys is a professional organization of vetted adoption professionals across the US. Our agency director and lead attorney Barbara B. Casey have been a Fellow of the Academy since 1994. The Academy partakes in continuing education in adoption law, policy activism such as working to save the Adoption Tax Credit, and collegial support of attorneys in other states. As an ABSA client, you will have access to our connections in the Academy to make sure you are always working with a trusted adoption professional in any state.

Berks Bar Association

ABSA attorneys are members of the Berks Bar Association and have access to the community of attorneys and continuing legal education.

Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute

The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to raising awareness about the millions of children around the world in need of permanent, safe, and loving homes and to eliminating the barriers that hinder these children from realizing their basic right to a family. In 2008, ABSA Director Barbara Casey was nominated by the late Senator Arlen Spector to be a recipient of the Angel in Adoption Award.

Cradles to Crayons

Cradles to Crayons is a nonprofit organization that provides disadvantaged children with new or nearly new essentials free of charge. ABSA is a service partner with Cradles to Crayons, collecting and distributing much needed goods to the children of current and former expectant families.

Creating a Family

Creating a Family, the National Infertility and Adoption Education Nonprofit provides free resources online for adoptive families such as podcasts, e-guides, and research techniques. Creating A Family also offers educational courses for adoptive families. As an ABSA client, you will also have free access to their AdoptEd online courses.

Human Rights Campaign: All Children – All Families

HRC’s All Children-All Families project promotes LGBTQ cultural competency for child welfare agencies and provides the LGBTQ community with access to friendly organizations. The project offers free online resources for families and assists agencies in best serving the LGBTQ community. ABSA is a participating agency in HRC’s All Children-All Families project.

Parent Finder

Parent Finder is an online resource for adoptive parents to post their profile book, video, and preferences on their own website and on ABSA’s website through our networking program. Parent Finder boosts how expectant moms find our agency and view adoption profiles on the Internet and on smartphones. ABSA partners with Parent Finder to build digital marketing tools for our adoptive parents for a one time fee.

Pennsylvania Bar Association

ABSA attorneys are members of the Pennsylvania Bar Association and have access to the community of attorneys and continuing legal education.

Philadelphia Family Pride

Philadelphia Family Pride is a nonprofit organization supporting LGBTQ+ families, communities, and allies in the greater Philadelphia region. ABSA supports this and many LGBTQ+ organizations and sponsors the Philadelphia Family Pride “Family Matters” Conference each year.

Your Adoption Finance Coach

Your Adoption Finance Coach offers financial advice on preparing and working through adoption, such as webinars on the tax credit and tactics and advice on fundraising. The organization has a partnership with Go Fund Me as well. As an ABSA client, you will have free access to the Adoption Finance Coach for consultations, webinars, and any other programs they have to offer.