• NOVEMBER 7, 2019
  • BY Amanda Barton

What Makes A Baby Step Adoption Different: Why Should I Choose ABSA?

When choosing an adoption agency for your child, there are a lot of options. So many, in fact, it can be overwhelming. As you pour through your Google search, remember although it seems daunting, choosing an agency is critical and making sure you gel with the agency is a must.

A Baby Step Adoption has always been supportive of women like you. We work WITH you to find a family that feels good to you and for your unborn child. We love the families we work with, but ultimately, it is you who decides who will raise your child, and we are here to help and support you throughout the adoption process and beyond.

We will provide services to you throughout the adoption. Whether you need a shoulder to cry on or need help navigating life, from housing to medical visits, we are here for you.  Our birth parents work with a trained caseworker assigned just to them. Your caseworker will help you select an adoptive family and be there to support you with your adoption plan. Often times, our caseworkers form lasting relationships with you that go far beyond the birth of the baby.

We know how incredibly selfless your decision to choose adoption is, and we always want you to feel respected and supported. At A Baby Step Adoption, your needs come first. Our services focus on  providing servives to you, the birth parent. We will always look out for your needs and the needs of your child.

If you’d like to talk to a caseworker who can give you some more information about our agency and how we can help you, please call us at 888-505-2367 or text us at 610-613-1911.