• MARCH 14, 2019
  • BY Amanda Barton

5 Things  Birth Mothers Want Adoptive Families to Understand

5 Things Birth Mothers Want Adoptive Families to Understand

Being a birthmother and choosing adoption for your child is an incredibly selfless act and doesn’t mean you are “giving up your child” or abandoning your baby. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. Adoption is the ultimate form of love for your child. In so many cases today, the adoption is an open one where adoptive families and the child’s birthmother have some form of communication. These open adoptions can allow the child to know their birthparents in some capacity, and many times both parties have a good relationship that is beneficial to all involved.

In some closed adoptions, the adoptive family may never try know why the birthmother choose adoption.Here’s an important list of 5 Things Birthmothers Want Adoptive Families to Realize:


  • I chose adoption out of love for my child. The child was never unwanted. I just realized my circumstances may not allow the child to live their best life.
  • When the time is right, I hope you will explain my child’s adoption to him and talk about his background and biological family.
  • My child will always be a part of me and I will always think of him and want the best for him.
  • I will support your family and honor your choices  and not stand in the way of anything for my child. I made the decision to place my baby or adoption with your family, and I know I choose you for a reason.
  • It brings me joy to know you are my child’s family. He is blessed.