• SEPTEMBER 18, 2019
  • BY Amanda Barton

Thoughts from an A Baby Step Adoption Birthmother

Choosing adoption is not an easy decision to make for many women facing an unplanned pregnancy. There is a lot of thought and consideration as to what the right choice is for your baby, and there will be times where you second guess your decision. All of this is completely normal and understandable.

We wanted to share a recent update we received from a birthmother, Regan, who worked with one of our supportive caseworkers through two pregnancies and adoptions. She had two children and choose the path of adoption for both babies.

Regan recently reported,

“A few years ago I gave two beautiful little girls up for adoption through your agency. I worked with a caseworker there who made the process a great one. She was one of my largest supporters during the most difficult time in my life- twice. I made poor choices in life but was able to give an amazing family two beautiful daughters.”

Regan and her adoptive family have an open adoption. They text a few times per month and meet once a year. She gets photos of the girls frequently.

Her experience is proof that there is a silver lining when you choose adoption. If you are a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and need immediate help, please call us at 888-505-2367 or text 610-613-1911.