• JANUARY 4, 2023
  • BY Amanda Barton

Can I Give My Baby Up for Adoption After Birth?

If you are considering putting your baby up for adoption, whether you are currently pregnant or have already given birth, please visit our page How Do I Place My Baby for Adoption for details about how we can help and to get in touch with us.

Facing an unplanned pregnancy and exploring your options is difficult for anyone. Sometimes, your decision doesn’t become clear until the third trimester, or even once the baby is born. There are no rules for when is the best time to choose adoption for your child. If a last minute adoption or after delivery adoption feels right for you, you can make that choice. No matter when you make your decision, you are never giving up your baby for adoption. You are making a rational decision to find a loving family for your baby.

What do I do if I don’t want my baby?

Unplanned pregnancies are difficult to navigate, and your choice is a priority. No matter what, you’re choosing what works with your life to give your baby the best future. If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, you can consider adoption, raising the baby, or abortion. The choice is yours and an adoption agency can help you understand your options, even if you don’t choose adoption.

If you want to put a baby up for adoption, or you’re just considering it, an adoption professional can help you understand the adoption process. No matter where you are in your pregnancy, or even after the baby is born, an adoption professional can help. They can advise you on your options and how to navigate your unique situation. This is true even if you don’t end up giving your child up for adoption.

Is it too late to give my baby up for adoption?

Adoption is a difficult choice, but you can make it whenever you want. It’s never too late to put your baby up for adoption. An adoption agency can help you place your child for adoption whether they’re a few days or a few months old. Any number of waiting adoptive families would be happy to adopt your baby, even if they’re already here.

If you haven’t given birth yet, you can still make an adoption plan and start working with an adoption professional to learn more about the adoption process and your options. Many birth mothers don’t know they’re pregnant until months into the pregnancy, and many adoption plans are made within a few months of the due date. It’s never too late to start planning for an adoption while you’re pregnant.

I already had my baby, can I make an adoption plan now?

If you’ve already given birth, you can still consider adoption. Whether you’re still in the hospital recovering from birth, or you’re back home with your baby you can consider adoption. An adoption agency will help you understand through your options and help you put a baby up for adoption, even if they’re already here.

Even if you start the adoption process after birth, you will go through a similar process to starting before birth. Choosing adoption after birth is very common and many birth mothers make the choice once the baby arrives.

An adoption professional will guide you through your options, help you choose an adoptive family, and finalize the adoption process. It’s important to know that if you choose to put your baby up for adoption after birth, the process moves faster than if you had chosen adoption before. In these situations, you want to make sure that adoption is the path you want and you’re ready to put your baby up for adoption.

Adoption agencies make this process easier with lists of preapproved adoptive families who want to adopt. You’ll get to choose the family, meet with them on FaceTime, or talk to them on the phone before they arrive at the hospital. Adoption professionals will make sure that you feel comfortable with the adoptive parents before anything is finalized.

Another part of the adoption process is choosing what type of adoption you want. An adoption agency can help you create the adoption plan that works best for you. You can decide the relationship with the adoptive parents and how much contact you want to have with the adoptive family. Open or closed adoption, it’s all up to you.

Can I get help with the hospital bills?

Many adoption agencies help birth mothers cover the cost of hospital bills. At A Baby Step Adoption, we’re committed to helping you have a smooth pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum journey. We’ll work with you to cover your medical expenses, both while pregnant and after the baby comes.

We work with birth mothers who have given their babies up for adoption and will continue to support them. We want to make sure you leave the adoption process ready for the next stage of your life. Whether you need counseling or medical care, we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

Can I choose an adoptive family after birth?

Even if you’ve already given birth, it’s possible to choose an adoptive family for your baby. No matter when you decide to put your baby for adoption, you have a say in your baby’s future.

If you want to place your child for adoption after birth, you should contact an adoption agency quickly. They can help you navigate the process on a short timeline and help you find the right adoptive family. Many agencies have families waiting to adopt, so you’ll get to look through many of the potential adoptive families for your baby.

Adoption is always your choice, and that includes picking an adoptive family that you think will give your baby the best home. An adoption professional will support you through this process and help you decide what kind of adoptive family is right for you and your baby.

Remember, it is never too late to choose adoption. If you’re ready to get started or you still have questions about adoption, call or text our adoption caseworkers at 610-613-1611. We can help you start an adoption plan that works for you and your baby.