• OCTOBER 28, 2020
  • BY Amanda Barton

How To “Put A Baby Up For Adoption” In Pennsylvania

How To “Put A Baby Up For Adoption” In Pennsylvania

If you’re pregnant and considering adoption, the first thing we want you to know is you are not “giving your baby up” for adoption. In fact, it means the opposite. Choosing adoption means you are making a plan for you and your child’s future. It means you are making the most selfless choice to not give up your child for adoption but to put your baby’s needs before your own. 

If you are pregnant and curious about your adoption options, the process may seem overwhelming at first. Know that we have helped hundreds of women in your shoes facing an unplanned pregnancy and looking for someone to adopt their baby. 

Here is a brief outline of the adoption process, but know that we are here for you anytime you want to talk about your options. We will give you unbiased support because we want to help you. We work with women facing unplanned pregnancy throughout Pennsylvania including ones considering adoption in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, but we can work with women all over the United States. 

1. Considering Your Options

The very first step when facing an unplanned pregnancy is to take all of your options into account. There are three main options including parenting the baby, choosing adoption or abortion. A Baby Step Adoption will talk you through all of these options to help you decide which plan is the right one for you. You can always research online and talk with friends and family who know you and can help you through the decision making process. 

If you have come to the conclusion that adoption is the right choice for you, the next step is to choose an adoption agency. An adoption agency should never make you feel like you’re giving up your baby for adoption or putting up your child for adoption. They should have your best interest at heart and make you feel comfortable that you are making a selfless choice for you and your child. 

2. Finding an Adoption Agency

A local adoption agency can be helpful but not necessary. Having a local Pennsylvania adoption agency that provides in-person support will be different than working with one that is out of state, where most of your communication will be over the phone. Located in Reading, Pennsylvania,  A Baby Step Adoption helps with adoptions in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and all over Pennsylvania, but we can work with birth mothers from anywhere in the United States. Make sure you feel comfortable with the adoption specialist. It’s important to have a relationship where you can trust her and who will be your advocate on your adoption journey.

3. Make an Adoption Plan

Once you’ve selected the agency you want to work with, you can decide on what type of adoption plan you want: open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption. The type of adoption plan you choose will determine the kind of contact you will have with the adoptive family and the baby throughout the adoption process as well as in the future. Your agency will help you understand what the options are, so you can decide what feels right for you.

4. Choose a Family 

Looking for someone to adopt your baby and choosing a family is totally up to you. It is an exciting part of the adoption process. We have many loving, approved Waiting Families you can search to find the perfect match for you and your baby.

5. Make a Hospital Plan 

You have made the biggest decisions about your adoption options. Your adoption specialists can help you make a plan for the hospital. She will guide you through the process, so you are never alone. Your adoption specialist can even be in the room with you during delivery. Just remember the details are entirely up to you and what feels comfortable to you.

6. Place the Baby for Adoption

The pregnancy is over and your baby is with the adoptive family. Depending on the state, the paperwork can be made official at various times after the birth of the baby. Just know that above all else, you didn’t give up your baby for adoption or put your child up for adoption. You made a selfless choice to choose adoption and you gave the gift of parenthood to a family who couldn’t have a child without you. 

7. Post Adoption Support

Placing the baby for adoption is not the end of your adoption journey. Depending on what kind of adoption you chose, you may have ongoing contact with the child and adoptive parents. The amount of contact is entirely up to you, but in Pennsylvania adoption, we have enforceable post adoption contact, meaning you create an agreement with your adoptive family, and by law, they must follow it. Regardless of what kind of adoption you chose, we will provide you with emotional support for life—we’re here when you need us.

If you want to consider making an adoption plan, call 610-613-1911 or text us at 610-376-9742. We are here for you every step of the way.